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        Application services for a University

        The client- a Veterinary university, wanted a robust solution to manage all the academic details of its students of various         constituent  colleges  of the university. The client is a pioneer in Veterinary education in India, which is very famous for         many first to start activities in the education sector in India.

        Business Need

        The client has 3 constituent colleges and they were following manual data transfer through letters and cds to share         information  on the students and their academic records. The university is the controller of the colleges were following a         semester system of education in which there are internal exams held by the colleges twice a year  and there is an annual         board examination held by the university every once a year. They follow a complex  grading system with credit hours and         grade points. The client wanted a total end to end solution starting from registration of the students to relieving of them after         successfully completing the education, where work could  be  segregated  among  the  college,  individual  departments,  the         academic  cell  and  the university. All the information is very crucial as they are marks/ grades of the students and there is         no 2nd chance for correcting  any mistakes. The whole work had to be completed in a span of 5 months.

        Challenges and Requirements

        The Bow and Baan team had to meet the following challenges:

The total cost of ownership for IT was steep. Bow and Baan had to trim this down to reduce operational costs Bow and Baan also had to ensure that its complete project could deliver major financial breakthroughs for the client and minimize the delivery cycle time. Care had to be taken to ensure that the unique features of the functions and marks handling are properly handled.
Defect control was priority for the client and a near zero error tolerance was required. The Bow and Baan team had to achieve this in spite of the complexities concerning periodic change factors that cropped in between.



        Bow and Baan’s Role

        The team started by studying the client's  processes and identified areas for IT enablement. Detailed analysis support and         maintenance for the existing applications, concerning mark entry in redundant format, report card  generations, other         activities were covered as part of the project.

        Benefits and Outcome

        Bow and Baan’s solution delivered the following benefits:

Numerous independent systems existed before Bow and Baan started the project. Bow and Baan created a one-stop shop for managing various areas such as department mark entry, validating entered marks, annual board mark entries, generating results, report cards, transcripts and a lot more in-between functions. This resulted in cost savings by eliminating existing independent systems. Shorter Response time for all processes involved.
Closer understanding of all the processes has led to continuous, incremental changes.