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         UG Admission

         About the software

         Admission Automation Software automates the Under Graduates admission process. Ranking, Counselling,
         selection and admission process are all automated in this software.


Student Admission Application Form data and Entrance examination mark for each student can be directly uploaded instead of manually feeding each and every student’s data.
Ineligible candidates can be rejected automatically and manually.
Rank list generated based on merit of marks, communal category and special category.
Counselling and Admission Letter formats can be designed and preset
Counselling letters can be automatically generated for the candidates selected for counselling.
Counselling selection List can be generated based on the Counselling Cut off mark and Vacancy list set by the counselling administrators
Various reports like Check list, Rank List, Counselling selected candidates list, Counselling Attendance list, counselling waiting list, selected candidates list, vacancy list, Admission status report (Candidates Joined, Withdrawn, Discontinued, and Not registered), and other statistical reports can be generated easily.
Admission Letters can be generated at the time of counselling for the candidates selected on the day of counselling.
Reports like Campus allotment, Transfer of certificates, Transfer of Fees, first 10 rank holders form the families of non-graduate can also generated after the admission of the candidates.
Recursive process of counselling can be done in case the admission administration goes for 2nd and 3rd counselling by redistributing the seats.





Easy menu based user interface.
One click process and reports.
Help context for all pages.
Faster and more accurate.
Database backup options.
User authenticated and secured.
Flexible modules.
Web based application can be used locally or through internet.
Software can be run in any operating system with minimal requirements.