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         Biometrics based Employee Details/ Attendance/ Pay roll System (BEAPS)

         BAPS is a robust application to compute the time and attendance of each employee. It totally automates your          time    keeping   and   you   can   cut   payroll   preparation   time  up  to  80%.   BAPS  tracks  the attendance  of
         all employees with  help   of   a  Fingerprint  scanner.  Initially  the  employees  have  to  enroll  their  fingers and          they mark their attendance by using their enrolled fingers.

         No more duplicate entries. No need for swipe cards. Unaccounted minutes go easily unnoticed and accumulate          quickly.   By automating  time  keeping,  you  can  save a significant amount on labor costs,  Reduce Errors and          Miscalculations, Employee Grievances, Time Needed for Employee Scheduling, and Tardiness Rate

World Renowned Digital Persona’s proven Fingerprint scanner for accuracy and speed
A foolproof method to track the attendance of the employees.
Masters for defining all basic parameters based on the policy of the organization
Based on the attendance record of the employees, working days are calculated and salary is generated automatically
Spare finger can be enrolled for all employees for emergency attendance marking
The generated salary can be edited for each employee based on user’s requirements
Manual attendance mode is provided for worst case scenarios
Generate Pay bill and Edit Pay bill.
Manual attendance in case of emergencies is possible
Define Department, Designation, Grade, Working hour configuration, List of Holidays, Permission Criteria, Leave Details, Salary parameters, LOP Master etc…
Salary parameters and LOP Master can be customized based on the organizations’ policy.
Issue area (List of Employees with unplanned leaves and permissions)
Working hours and permission can be allocated department wise.
Permission hours can be configured Department wise.
Leave master has the provision to include or exclude week off / holidays/ half day leave
Flexible reports for Late Report, Absentees Report can be generated as per user’s requirements.
Provision is made to apply LOP for the absent employees automatically.
Reports can be generated for any date ranges.
Flexible reports for Late Report, Absentees Report can be generated as per user’s requirements.
Resigned employee tracking
Secured Administrator mode
Absolute Flexibility