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         Budget Payroll

          Organizations are driven by the capabilities of their employees. Employee are also happy and their trust on the           company multiply when  they are given accurate information on salary, wage, leave encashment, PF, ESI and           other claims.

Accurate and timely statutory reports make any organisation more stronger and proud.
These accurate reports enhance the credibility of any organisation at Banks and Government.
Fulfilment of these two areas play a vital role for the management to make crucial decisions towards further growth smoothly.
Paper-based, spreadsheet based or outdated conservative systems take more time in maintaining and updating employee data.
      1. These systems prove very expensive, inefficient and time consuming.
      2. These system mainly rely on the persons deputed particularly for these kind of work.
      3. Mistakes bound to happen lead to repetition of the work.
It is difficult to replace the person involved in the task. Replacements need to be trained again.But Budget payroll makes easier. Budget payroll is a sophisticated employee database solution to manage employee data with ease, consistency and accuracy.
Budget payroll Saves Money and Time and makes the Job easier.

         Salient Features of Budget Payroll

         1. Employee Profile : Here you can capture employee personal and professional details.

Training Undergone
Previous experience
Medical report
Offer Letter
Appointment letter

        2. Employment Records : Allows you to manage the employment related information about the employee              that  includes,

Performance records


Manage employee probation period and automatically notify confirmation and Retirement details.

       3. Employee Cost Information :


       4. Employee Exit Management :

Final Settlement
Claims ( PF,ESI, Gratuity,EDLI)
Service Certificate and Relieving Order

      5. Reports and Analytics :

Budget Payroll has around 70 reports to get desired information instantly,
MIS and Analysis Reports with Graphical representation Manage Employee's data quickly and effectively
to take instant business decisions.

       Advantages :

Quick data entry of employee information : Easy interface to enter employee data fast and accurate.

Employee Progress Tracking : Employee's history is maintained at all stages and status of the employee.
Search Employee Information Quickly : Budget Payroll ensures that you can search your database using any information you have
Extensive Reporting and Analytics : Instant access to data and a variety of management reports, including MIS and Analysis Reports, makes Budget Payroll an invaluable decision support system for the entire  organization.
Prompting of Missing Employee Data : Budget Payroll allows you to quickly find missing employee data to enable you to update it before it becomes critical.
Security of data : As Budget Payroll is installed on secure servers and backed up regularly, your employee data is safe from any security breach or hardware failures. Further only authorized employees can access the employee data with a multiple level login available.