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         E-Learning Backbone

         About the Software

E-Learning Backbone a web-based product manages the delivery of e-learning courses. This software let you to publish courses and lessons online. Learners can login using browser, select courses and learn online. Software provides online reports on each learner. Online examination is conducted for each learner after the completion of the course.



This E-Learning software will reduce training costs for organizations.
100% web based for the Learners and the administrator - no plug ins required.
Two modules involved. Learners and Administrators.
Add new courses and lessons.
Internal mailing facility (Administrator to Learners)
Eligible candidates can be selected online.
Automatic email facility in case of bulk mail to all learners.
Content presented and delivered in a structured manner
Online examination, evaluation and results.
Downloadable lessons and modules.
Students and administrators can access the system from any computer with internet of intranet access
Unlimited number of students can be added.


Easy icon based user interface.
Authenticated and secured interface.
Faster and more accurate.
Web based application.
Platform independent and User friendly.