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         Man Hour Monitoring

         Man Hour Monitoring is software developed for monitoring the working hours and involvement of employee in          their assignments (Projects).

         Using this software, we can maintain the details of employee, assignments (Projects), total working hours of          employee/ for an assignment and employee time in /time out details.

         We can generate reports based on

Particular employee to find the total assignments / total working hours for a month or or a period.
Particular assignments to find the total employee involved / total working hours for a month or between two date limits.
Number of assignments carried out in a month and man hour taken by each and every employee.
Total man hour spend for assignments in all working days.


We can easily monitor the man hour taken for particular assignments by single click.
We can easily monitor the man hour taken by particular employee(s) by single click.
Status of assignments (i.e., completed / pending /updation).
Database Backup facility.