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         Online Translation Estimator

         Online Translation Estimator is a total translation solution. Through our translation estimator we can calculate          the rate for each translation of document in any format* for any language. Online Translation Estimator will          help you avoid expensive mistakes. This will reduce both the time and the cost of taking your e-Business into          the many language markets of the world. Our project has two Modules. One is User Module and other one is          Admin Module.

         User module has various sub modules.

Translation Estimate
Interpretation Estimate
Instruction Estimate
Staff Selection

         Admin module has various sub modules.

Translation Cost Control
Profit Calculation
View Records
Staff Selection
Log History


Translation and localization workflow
User interface and Help localization
Translation automation
Engineering and testing
Authoring automation
Terminology extraction and management


         Online Translation Estimator takes a highly automated approach to your localization projects, including          internationalization of software code and application testing, to help you bring your products to new markets          faster and more cost-effectively.