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         Online Product Information Updater

         Online Product Information Updater  is  an  Internet  site,  in which  newly released product information   can be 
         updated online and  end user can view the description and usage of newly released product online. This product
         has two modules- User module and Admin module.

         In User Module, End-User can get information about the newly released products by the organization. They can          also view description about individual products with different model in it. User can view Photo Gallery of products          with different model. User can also know about how they build, Usage and Price of the products. They can also          know about updated news from News Board.

         In Admin Module, only Administrator has provision to Add, Update and Delete the information of newly released          products in an organization.


User Friendly
Facilitates marketing of products online
Flexible option to view information about products
Security in data Maintaining