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         Poultry Retailer Manager

         Poultry  Retailer  Manager  is  the  accounting  software  developed  for  the  retail  poultry  sellers, it helps them
         to generate bill stock tally, weight loss calculations and to maintain their total account details.

         In Poultry Retailer Manager, we can maintain the details of Poultry Supplier details, Poultry Purchase details,          Wholesale Customer details,employee details, expense details, cash in and cash out details, bank in and bank          out details

         In the Supplier details, we can maintain the poultry purchase details, supplier payment detailsand we can          generate reports on poultry purchase/ payments made for a month or a period.

         In the Customer details, we can maintain the poultry sales for each customer and balance details and we can          generate reports based on customer transaction for a period or for a month and billing activity for the customer          transaction.

         In the Employee details, we can maintain the Employee Salary, Employee Bata and Advance details. And          generate incentive report for drivers based on the purchase trip.

         We can generate the Daily report that gives the details about whole transaction of that day (i.e., purchase          details, sales details, and expense details, cash in / cash out details).


It is User friendly.
Helps in avoiding paper works.
Time consering.
Fast Bill Generation.
Get the whole details of Customer, Supplier transactions in a single click.
Automated database backup facility.