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         Employee Details/ Attendance System (EDAS)

         EDAS is a simple solution for small organizations to tracks the attendance of all employees. The employee’s          attendance is marked in the system and the system takes care of the total tracking/ reporting of employee’s          attendance, tardiness, leave, permissions, etc… SAS is an easy to use and cost effective solution for small          business units. It helps in eliminating time wastage during payroll preparations and it is also easily up gradable          to the next stage of pay roll automation and fingerprint based attendance systems.

         Salient Features

Define Department, Designation, Grade, Working hour configuration, List of Holidays, Permission Criteria, Leave Details, etc…
Customized reports.
Administrator mode for simple customizations.
Issue area (List of Employees with unplanned leaves and permissions)
Search employee
Resigned employee tracking

Flexibility to define working hours and permission department wise
Secured Administrator mode



Who is in Report
Attendance Report
Absentees Report
Late Report
Leave Report
Permission Report

Employee Details Report
List of Holidays Report
Monthly attendance for Salary computation



         Enhancement Possibilities

Track the break timings
Customized shift based working hours
Pay roll automation
Fingerprint based attendance system