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Testing & Validation Solutions

The failure or erroneous operation of mission-critical software may result in substantial financial loss and missed targets. The reliability and quality demands of software/ systems are so high that activities such as Independent Testing and Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) become mandatory to increase the confidence level in the system.

Bow and Baan helps minimize defects in your application development and maintenance by verifying the accuracy of your application against a given set of business requirements. We develop the custom tools you need for automated testing of functional, regression and performance tests. By automating independent testing, you can reduce the time required to run the full suite of testing processes from days or weeks to a matter of hours.

Bow and Baan Testing Services provides a comprehensive set of solutions to help organizations achieve predictable, improved software quality levels while reducing the time and cost associated with testing activities. Bow and Baan Testing Services offers true independent verification and validation services: our skilled software quality assurance professionals employ our proven testing methodology to ensure that testing is an integrated part of the software development lifecycle, cost-effectively identifying defects as early as possible.

Bow and Baan has developed methodologies for end-to-end testing of complex systems, and has adequate exposure to testing of systems using a client’s in-house methods. Bow and Baan provides robust review, testing and change control processes, ensuring cost-effective, fast and quality deliverables through a global delivery model consisting of onsite, near-shore and onsite / offshore execution.

Core Testing Expertise

System testing - testing of complete application environment
Integration testing - testing of modules
Performance testing: measuring response times and throughput rates under a variety of conditions
Functionality testing - testing either modules or the complete product to determine whether it will function as planned and as actually used
Stress testing - examining the behavior of the system at, and beyond, the limits of its resources by subjecting it to excessively high loads
Recovery testing - testing applications or entire systems to ensure successfully recover from hardware and software failures without undue loss of data or data integrity
Security testing - ensuring that security mechanisms cannot be breached either maliciously or accidentally
Regression testing - rerunning test cases which a program has previously executed correctly in order to detect errors spawned by changes or corrections made during software development and maintenance
Incremental testing - continuous testing of an application as new functionality is recommended
GUI testing - testing to ensure compatibility and stability of GUI